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Golden Rebate strives to provide account opening and support services to selected brokers correctly and as quickly as possible.

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Introduce the best to choose the broker with your conditions

2.Cash back

Get your rebate( cash back)by opening an account and starting trading in your account

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Our Services

What can we do to increase your profits?

One of the services of Golden Rebate site is paying rebate to Exness broker clients and best brokers. Rebate or cashback is a percentage of eBay commission that eBay can pay to its client if it wishes. In our collection, Golden Rebate, the percentage of rebate, depending on the amount of trading lots in a month, is between 50 and 60 percent. The rebates are settled at the end of each month and recalculated for the new month. The minimum rebate payment is $ 10. Between 1 and 100 lots, fifty percent and from 101 lots upwards, 60% of the IB commission will be returned to you as a rebate.

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GoldenRebate, in cooperation with the best brokers that provide the best services, can help you choose the best service provider in the field of financial markets with the highest quality.


Cash Back

A rebate is a small deduction from an amount to be paid OR a return of a part of an amount given in a payment. It’s kinda like the cashback reward programs that credit card companies offer to their customers who pay diligently.


Plans To Success

GoldenRebate with over 15 years of experience in Forex market will provide the best and fastest way to your success.


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GoldenRebate offers clients the only plan and program that leads to double profitability and increase your income from the stock market and Forex.